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Ron van der Ende Creates Art from Recycled Wood

Ron van der Ende Creates Art from Recycled Wood

The Dutch sculptor, Ron van der Ende has always looked to follow his own path as an artist and refused to be boxed in by the ideas and constraints of the artistic community. As far back as his second year at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts and Technical Sciences in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the sculptor began to forge his own path despite the objections of his tutors.

Over the course of his career, Ron van der Ende has focused on his continued interest in sculpture but has also worked in the media of video and installations.

After graduating from art school in 1988, van der Ende quickly established his own art collective, ExpoHenk in his new home of Rotterdam. As part of the work of his art collective, the sculptor made the decision to concentrate his work on the creation of sculptures from reclaimed wood.

Ron van der Ende can be found scouring the streets of Rotterdam for wood products he can use as the basis for his impressive bas-reliefs which have become his most famous works. The Dutch artist uses everyday objects, such as reclaimed windows and doors as the base for sculptures on a large scale which he attaches to these easy to find wooden objects.

Over the course of his career, Ron van der Ende has exhibited in group showings across Europe and the U.S. with solo shows across North America becoming a focus since his successful “Motor Memory” exhibition in Seattle, Washington.

Feeling inspired? Learn how to put pictures on wood and create your own masterpiece!

Learn more on Ron van der Ende’s website

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