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Alex Kuno explores The “Miscreants of Tiny Town”

Alex Kuno explores The “Miscreants of Tiny Town”

The U.S.-based artist, Alex Kuno has been working on a series of mixed-media projects throughout his career which have been created under the title, “The Miscreants of Tiny Town.” This popular series of prints, drawings, illustrated manuscripts, and Japanese printing techniques explores a fantasy world where delinquent children are left to create they are own social and moral codes.

Alex Kuno explains his artwork came to life after he completed his studies and saw many of his early attempts to exhibit his work professionally fall through he began creating a world reflecting his apocalyptic view of the world. By 2007, the “Miscreants of Tiny Town” series had begun and moved to the fore following a series of solo shows across Kuno’s home regions of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The early work of Alex Kuno revealed his own inner thoughts and fears for himself and society as a whole with dark themes seen throughout the early work completed in the “Tiny Town” series.

The artist has created a strong following for his “Miscreants of Tiny Town” series with global customers seeking out his work on a regular basis. Alex Kuno takes his view of the news and current events and has stated he uses a journalistic approach to creating art bringing everyday events to the fantasy world he has created. Over the course of his “Tiny Town” series, Alex Kuno has brought new characters into his work which have a more positive approach to life than those in his early work.

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