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Heavenly Bodies by Paul Koudounaris: Art from the Catacombs

Heavenly Bodies by Paul Koudounaris: Art from the Catacombs

When you depart from this earth, you will have to leave all valuables behind. Every person who inhabits planet earth is mortal. Just as we all have a birth date, there is a death date waiting at the end. We’ve all read stories about mummification, and Egyptian kings and queens buried in their tombs with all of their belongings. The “Beauty of Death” is captured in still images and brought to you in a collection titled “Heavenly Bodies”.

According to, many skeletons photographed by Paul Koudounaris were alleged saints that were removed from their resting place and sent to Catholic churches in Europe to replace holy relics that were destroyed during the Protestant Reformation. Paul captured imagery of royalty that is no longer here in the physical. In the photos, you are able to feel the power of the saints still in their throne. The skeletal remains originated in catacombs, which is a marked underground location where you can visit and look at the historic remains.

The photos captures the glimpse of temporary royalty. These said temporary royalties captures a feel of immortal power. Valuables such as jewelry, crowns, and armor is pictured and is the first thing that will grab your attention in the detailed, luxurious photos. Skeletal images taken from Roman tombs is something that will draw interest from viewers. The world holds hidden history, and “Hidden Bodies” is a collection that can inform the masses of past European history. For all a viewer may know, they’re looking at one of their ancestors.

Heavenly Bodies” is one that will make you think twice about the afterlife. What really goes on when we depart? Everyone has their own view of death and the way they understand it.

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