Faces Tell a Story: Portraits by Harden Meyer

Harden Meyer captures faces in his “Portraits” illustrations. A face can tell you a detailed story of a person’s life. Meyer did an excellent job of capturing emotion in a still portrait. He opened a window from 2001 up until the present time in a collection full of illustrations with different flavors. Harden Mayer is a German contemporary artist that captured these enlarged photos from the inspiration of film, magazine, and television.

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We all come from different walks of life. The still artwork from Meyer brings out the history and experience from the human figures. The artist does a good job in capturing diversity in his artwork. Some pictures resembles quick sketches, water-like figures, and distorted images. Enlarged JPEG format will have you feeling like you’re looking face to face with the portrait. Other small features included are various hair textures, eyes either open or close, and altered facial features.

When you look at some of the figures, it’s like you’re looking past a puddle of water to take a glance and the faces. Meyer puts few of the portraits in the Galerie Voss, which is a collection of exhibits from top artists around the western world. Amongst the exhibitions, Meyer hold his own with the collections surrounded by it. The portraits captures several expressions viewers will be interested in finding a story behind it.

All artwork copyright the artist. Learn More on Harding Meyer’s website


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