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Surrealist Painter Seonna Hong: Wandering Childhood Dreams

Surrealist Painter Seonna Hong: Wandering Childhood Dreams

“I love these paintings which evoke my childhood memories of wandering through nature and feeling adrift in all its richness. The graphic lines and use of color makes it unmistakably modern while the subject matter feels ephemeral yet timeless.”

Seonna Hong was born and raised in Southern California, graduated with a B.A. in Art from Cal State University Long Beach and continued to hone her craft teaching art to children. Her paintings are quietly narrative and often autobiographical. Children are her protagonists and they drift through landscapes with animals and music as their guide.

In 2004, she received an Emmy Award for Individual Achievement in Production Design for her work on “My Life as a Teenage Robot.” Hong continues to show her work in shows and galleries around the world, most notably with Kaikai Kiki, Tokyo, Japan in 2008. Her illustrated book ‘Animus’ (Baby Tattoo Books) is now in its 3rd printing.

Learn more on Seonna Hong’s website.

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