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Delightful Magic: 3d Drawings from Illustrator Ramon Bruin

Delightful Magic: 3d Drawings from Illustrator Ramon Bruin

Social media has allowed a number of artists to come to the attention of the public who may not have previously seen their work recognized by the traditional artistic elite. One of those who has benefitted from the rise of social media is Dutch photographer and sketch artist, Ramon Bruin. The so-called 3D images Bruin creates using pencil, paper, and his still camera are referred to as “multilayered illusions.” Using multiple sheets of plain white paper, Ramon Bruin sketches images across numerous sheets before placing them in a particular position to provide the impression of three-dimensions. 

Born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands in 1981, Bruin has become a popular artist after training to become a photographer and achieving success in this field. Ramon Bruin has given the world a number of his impressive 3D images and puts the success of his work down to the use of carefully planned camera angles. Among the images created by the Dutch artist and photographer are those depicting multiple story buildings and many animals which appear to jump off the page. 

Not only has Ramon Bruin begun one of the world’s leading three-dimensional artists, but the self-taught drawing specialist has also led thousands to create a new 3D art movement. The success achieved by the popular photographer has allowed Ramon Bruin to explore his love of abstract painting which he has shown across many different exhibitions across Europe.

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