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Nunzio Paci Relives The Styles Of The Rennaissance

Nunzio Paci Relives The Styles Of The Rennaissance

The sketches of the Rennaissance one recall when thinking of this important period of artistic development are usually those linked to the medical autopsies completed during this period. The Italian artist, Nunzio Paci has been linked to the work of many of the best-known Rennaissance artists who completed similar anatomically correct drawings of the human body.

Working as a visual artist, Paci is known to use graphite and oils in the majority of his work which he explains is a discussion on the link between humans and nature. The artworks of Nunzio Paci are designed to discuss the links seen between nature and the human race which he feels has become blurred in the 21st-century. Opening up parts of the human body in his drawings and paintings, the artist highlights certain aspects of the interior of the body which he links to trees with birds perched on the inner workings of each human subject.

Paci was born in a small town on the outskirts of Bologna, Italy and admits his current work is the culmination of years attempting to cross the line between reality and imagination in his artistic endeavors. Despite the importance of his work and its classic style, Paci looks to keep a modern outlook to his work despite the use of graphite and oils. The success achieved by Nunzio Paci in the last few years has seen the artist exhibit his work in a range of countries, including Denmark, France, China, and Sweden. The anatomical nature of the work of Nunzio Paci has seen the artist published in art books and a range of medical publications because of its realistic nature.

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