Capturing the Dangerous Allure of Sea Urchins with Artist Jennifer Maestre

Sculptures from Colored Pencils

Jennifer Maestre is a talented artist that shows that creativity can turn any common object into a stunning piece of art. She is known for using colored pencils to create sculptures. But her history within the art world did not start with colored pencils. The use of colored pencils is her most recent method of creating sculptures. 

Jennifer originally started out working with a medium that is not normally tied into artwork or is not often thought of as a useful tool for sculptures. She began her sculpture work using nails and window screen. She felt her work was limited using these materials and began to experiment until she discovered the use of colored pencils. 

Fernweh Editions Candles

The majority of her work is based upon sea urchins and other sea creatures. These stunning visual representations of sea life display Jennifer’s dedication to her craft and how seriously she takes her work. It also displays her respect for these prickly creatures. Jennifer has described sea urchins as “dangerous, yet beautiful” and has done an amazing job of demonstrating those qualities through her sculptures. Jennifer Maestre’s work is both visually stunning and is masterfully created.

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