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Magical Woodland Landscapes in Ceramic with Heesoo Lee

Magical Woodland Landscapes in Ceramic with Heesoo Lee
Heesoo Lee is an artistic creator that uses porcelain and white stoneware as her mediums for expression. She crafts three-dimensional pieces that have her signature warm and cold colors to evoke specific moods from the viewers of her pieces. With a background as a painter, she is able to craft every woodland scene she does with clarity and pop. All of her works are crafted with translucent porcelain because she believes:
Due to the clarity of dimension that every one of her works possesses, Heesoo Lee’s artwork is one of interest for many new artists. She traditionally crafts landscapes and floral imagery. You’ll notice an array of underglazes, glazes, and slips. She notes that layering the paints allows her to achieve a level of color, realism, and depth that is not usually found in ceramic paintings. 

Lee is initially from Seoul, South Korea. She holds a bachelor’s degree in art from Ehwa University. When she decided to move to the United States her first stop was in Berkeley, California. There she rediscovered her love for ceramics outside of her traditional Korean roots while apprenticing under Julia Kirillova. After her apprenticeship was completed, Lee made the decision to start her own studio in Maui. 

Over the years, Lee has allowed her works to become bigger and more scenic than ever before. She quotes her children, partner, and Korean childhood as sources of inspiration for her themed works. Currently, Heesoo Lee lives in Helena, Montana and has a thriving home studio.


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