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Heather Hansen “Emptied Gestures”: The Beauty of Kinetic Art

Heather Hansen “Emptied Gestures”: The Beauty of Kinetic Art
The artist Heather Hansen has created a project combining her love of dance and drawing with the impressive “Emptied Gestures” project she has been working on since 2012. This collaboration with the photographer, Bryan Tarnowski began when Hansen noticed the tracks she left behind in the sand when visiting a beach in 2012.
Tracking her movements through kinetic drawing has become a major part of the artistic life of the artist who uses charcoal and paper as the media to record her movements.

The project results in a series of large-scale charcoal paintings and drawings recorded by Tarnowski in accompanying videos and photos to create a true multimedia art project. Discussing the project with “Ignant“, Heather Hansen stated:

“In this series, I am searching for ways to download my movements directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process.”

Originally from Idaho, the Los Angeles-based artist studied dance and visual arts before beginning her “Emptied Gestures” project. The training received in visual arts at Washington’s TESC Olympia institution was complemented by further studies in dance at Japan’s Kazou Ohno Studio in Yokohama where her skills were honed.

Since starting the “Emptied Gestures” project in 2012, Heather Hansen has spent a large amount of her time teaching at workshops providing kinetic drawing opportunities for her students.

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