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Gabriel Starobinski: CAN I KISS U / NICE TO SEE U

Gabriel Starobinski: CAN I KISS U / NICE TO SEE U

Gabriel Starobinski, an artist from Basel, Switzerland, uses his own life as the subject matter for his multi-layered collage and painting work. Starobinski has shown his work professionally since 2016 in a series of exhibitions taking place in Switzerland and Germany.

Gabriel Starobinski explains that his love of drawing, painting, and collage began while he was in school, when he began drawing over his used notebooks and exams. His style, which started off with simple black and white line drawings, has evolved to incorporate collaged layers such as fake fur, photographs, ads, and song lyrics along with the brightly colored acrylic paints.

Gabriel Starobinski tackles broad themes such as gender and sexuality through the prism of his own experience as a gay man. Because of his multi-layered approach to the canvas, there are often multiple interpretations and ways to understand his artwork and he encourages viewers to create their own interpretation.

His latest exhibit entitled CAN I KISS U / NICE TO SEE U is opening April 25, 2019 in Zürich. For more information, please see Instagram | Website

All artwork ©Gabriel Starobinski Instagram | Website

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