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Andreas Englund Details The Life And Times Of An Elderly Superhero

Andreas Englund Details The Life And Times Of An Elderly Superhero

Born in the city of Falun in the Dalecarlia region of Sweden, artist Andreas Englund has become known around the world for his photorealistic paintings. Throughout his career, Englund has created art based on his own interests, which has included a series of paintings based on muscle cars and the Swedish horses of the Dalecarlia region of the European nation.

The Swedish artist broke into the upper echelons of the art world with his move into the superhero sector which has shown his humorous side to the world. The series is known as “Aging Superhero” and brings to life the career of a superhero from his first mission to his old age. There are many aspects of this series of oil paintings which can be enjoyed by the viewer with a range of images created and featured in exhibitions, publications, and in private collections around the world.

Despite the subject of his most famous work being an unnamed superhero, Andreas Englund believes his series reflects the nature of the relationship between the artist and viewer. Working in oils, Englund has created a series depicting the first mission of his superhero as a toddler to his days as an elderly person shopping for groceries and attending the dentist, amongst other everyday activities. Among the many ideas about aging and attaining the perfect life discussed by Andreas Englund is his belief that everyday problems affect us all regardless of our career choices or talents.

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