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Artificial Official welcomes art and design submissions with supporting imagery or video such as:

  • mixed media
  • photography
  • sculpture
  • painting
  • installation
  • collage
  • illustration
  • street art
  • architecture
  • textiles
  • animation

How to Submit Your Work

Attention art lovers: If you wish to send tips regarding work that is not your own, please send a short email plus links to the artist to

Attention artists: Please help us understand your project quickly, we look through a lot of artwork each week. Send a brief email with a description of your work a few links directly to the project in question. If you have a large portfolio, please send us a link to the exact project to help us get started in the right spot.

While you can resubmit a new project, please don’t submit the same project repeatedly. We review all work carefully but due to volume we are unable to respond personally. Submissions can be sent to— please do not subscribe this email address to your press list.

Attention galleries and event organizers: Please only submit once the event or exhibition has begun and you have imagery, send a brief email about the exhibition and links to relevant installation views or existing photos of the artist’s work.