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Artist Kate Kato: Inspired by the Natural World

Artist Kate Kato: Inspired by the Natural World

Born in the English city of Bristol, Kate Kato describes how she has always been interested in the natural world on her own website. Kato began to focus on her artistic endeavors when she moved with her family to the Welsh and English border region where her focus could be on the wildlife of this beautiful area of the world.

Kate Kato works with recycled materials in her work which takes inspiration from her own life and the wildlife which she encounters on a daily basis. After working in two dimensions on paper for much of her career, the former commercial graphic designer has been creating interpretations of the wildlife of the Welsh Borders and has expanded her work to include new materials. Alongside the paper used to create each piece of work is accompanied by wire, thread, and other found materials to create unique artworks found in galleries around the world.

Kate Kato graduated from The University of The West of England as a graphic designer before finding herself continually drawn to botanical paper art. Among her most famous pieces is the beehive created from the pages of a book and attached to the hardback cover. Kate Kato has developed an affinity with books and bookbinding which moves through the majority of her work allowing her to become known around the world for her innovative style as a paper artist.

Learn more on Kate Kato’s website

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